What is one bad thing about eating pizza? It always leaves you wanting more. And the best thing about BK Pizza? It fulfills all your cravings. All our pizzas are unique in their own way because we make each pizza from the scratch and put in all our dedication and love in it for our customers. One of these pizzas is our “Margherita pizza.” And we will tell you all about it which will result in you order it as quickly as possible.

Why is it called a “Margherita Pizza”?

This pizza has its origins in Italy. The chef Raffaele Esposito invented this pizza in honor of the Queen of Italy who was also known as Margherita of Savoy. The Margherita pizza toppings include tomato, mozzarella, and basil, and their colors, red, white, and green respectively represent the Italian flag. Thus, the Marghrita pizza has royal associations. However, according to some critics, there was already this kind of pizza in Naples between the period of 1796 and 1810. Another theory says that the name Marghrita pizza translates to daisy in Italian which could the reason it was named so since the Margherita pizza toppings are similar to a daisy.

Difference between a Marghrita Pizza and a Regular Cheese Pizza

The main difference is that the liquid content of the mozzarella cheese used in the Marghrita pizza is more than that of the cheese used in a regular pizza. The cheese in a regular cheese pizza is much drier. Also, Margherita pizza ingredients always include tomato and basil which isn’t the case with other pizzas.

How to make Margherita Pizza?

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Starting with the basics, the equipment you use is essential. Baking steel is necessary to make any good pizza at home and especially for Marghrita pizza. Yes, they might be expensive as an initial investment, but it is actually worth it if you make it at home. They aid you in getting crispy crusts with good enough moisture. A pizza peel is also a good investment to put into the oven or while removing it but if you don’t, that’s fine too. A few tips for making the best Marghrita pizza with home ingredients:

  • Preheat your oven to the maximum temperature that allows
  • Make sure your pizza dough is very thin when it goes inside the oven
  • Let it sit for the perfect amount of time as indicated in the recipe
  • Take your time in making it
  • Avoid putting a thick sauce layer on the pizza
  • Use fresh mozzarella, never packed, or used before
  • Cut the cheese into small cubes and then sprinkle it evenly on the entire pizza
  • Basil should freshly picked
  • A little drizzle of extra virgin olive oil will do wonders
  • Do not overdo the Marghrita pizza topping s!
  • To save time, you can make the dough before and refrigerate it before the final day.

Why Margherita Pizza?

A lot of people consume pizza on a daily basis. According to statistics, Americans eat about 46 slices of pizza annually and 93% of the population has had pizza at least once a month. Due to a variety of types of pizzas, the nutrition is also spread over a wide range. The first pizza had minimal ingredients which was an excellent addition to one’s diet. The basic Marghrita pizza toppings of tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil are the perfect nutrients one can have without having the worry of being fat. Now, more and more people are making Marghrita pizza a part of their menus because of this very reason since it doesn’t compromise on taste while being nutritionally very healthy.

BK Pizza

Wherever you are in New York, when you search Margherita pizza near me you will find BK Pizza among your options. We know precisely what our customers demand which is why we provide the best possible service whether it is in terms of taste, efficiency, time management, anything! Order now and you will not be disappointed with our first-class service as we are all about the pleasure one demands from pizza. Be it a girls’ night, your self-care night, or a cozy night in with your loved one, we deliver the best pizza always!

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