Whenever you think of New York, a typical Napoleon-style pizza would be coming to your mind. But there is another lesser well-known pizza that is equally delicious yet with the addition of nostalgia that you would get by eating at your grandma’s house: grandma pizza.

History of Grandma Style Pizza

This pizza has its origins in Long Island in the 20th century. When immigrants of Italy tried to replicate their home country’s food, such recipes took place. Grandma style pizza originated with the few ingredients that they had available. Thus, a pizza that could make at home with simplistic ingredients found in the kitchen was made. Because of the easy ingredients and simplicity, the pizza was called “grandma pizza”. It is usually made at home and wouldn’t normally found at pizzerias.

What is Grandma Pizza?


grandma pizza

This unique pizza is a thin, Square-shaped pizza in which the main ingredients are cheese and tomatoes. Normally, it is cooked without a pizza oven since it is made at home by chefs. It became popular a long time after it originated. Many pizzerias began offering it as well since the new restaurants wanted to pay respect to the pizzas that they ate at their home all their lives. The grandma pizza is cooked in a pan that is coated with olive oil. Its dough is in the shape of a rectangle.

The cheese is put first, followed by the sauce on top of it rather than under the cheese in a normal pizza. After this, it is put into a regular kitchen oven, whereas now some pizzerias have begun baking it in wood-fired ovens as well. Post baking, it is cut into small squares for serving grandma pizza slice.

Grandma Pie vs. Sicilian Pizza

Both pizzas appear very similar but are contrastingly different square pies. According to some fanatics, if one doesn’t know the difference between a grandma style pizza and a regular Sicilian pizza, then they don’t deserve to eat them. Therefore, knowing the difference has become essential for many.

For one, the grandma pizza slice is much thinner as compared to the deep-dish style of the Sicilian. Secondly, the grandma pie has a strong garlic sauce whereas Sicilian has a sweeter sauce. Thirdly, the dough of each is different. The grandma style pizza is kept in the oven immediately after being put into the pan therefore it has a denser and crispier crust. On the other hand, the Sicilian dough is left outside for some time so that it can rise a little before being put in the oven. Because of this waiting time, the final product is a softer and fluffier crust.

Nutrition Facts of Grandma Pizza

For a serving size of 1 person (156g), the grandma pie has a total of 144 calories. The total amount of fat in a grandma pizza slice is 16g out of which saturated fat makes up 10g. Cholesterol is 40mg and sodium is around 970mg. Total carbs are 46g including fiber (2g) and glucose (4g). Proteins in the grandma pizza are 24g.

Why Eat Grandma Pie?

Aren’t you tired of eating the same old traditional pizzas? Paying all that money but never getting that nostalgia along with it that you crave internally? Grandma pie brings out that childhood in you that you have internalized for so long. There are a lot of times when we just want to sit and eat homemade food but our mom isn’t there to make it once we grow up. If you want that same feeling of belongingness again, you should definitely try out grandma style pizza.

It will remind you of the days in your grandma’s house when you used to sit at her kitchen table waiting for her to bring her delicious food so that you could feed your empty stomach. That enticing aroma when she brought her food and placed it in front of you and you began eating it immediately. Savoring every bite while she watches you with the most delightful look as you devour her exquisite food. Grandma pizza brings all of that back with just a bite and no wonder so many people just want more.

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