One thing that everyone around the world has in common is their love for pizza and when it comes to pizza lovers, they always want more. More dough, more cheese, more crust, more cheese inside the crust, veggies, meat, pepperoni—you name it, and any pizza lover will jump at the opportunity to devour all of it. We at BK pizza offer a new shape of pizza; the taste is delicious as ever and the shape is fine-tuned according to you.

Deep Dish Pizza:

This shape of pizza is a square pizza that comes in a deep dish which means all the more pizza for you to eat. The square pizza is the best product for a party that you are hosting; if you have a large number of friends over for a birthday party, or colleagues for a workplace formal lunch, the deep dish pizza helps to satisfy everyone’s hunger. This coupled with a side of spicy hot wings or buttery warm garlic bread makes for the perfect meal to serve to your guests.

Square Pizza:

Ordering the square pizza requires a very simple task from your end. Just go to your google search engine and simply type in the words deep dish pizza new York or deep dish pizza Brooklyn and you will be immediately redirected to our BK pizza’s official website. There you can feast upon whichever flavor, size, and shape of pizza you love. We offer a wide variety of flavors in our deep dish pizza and our customers always come back hungry for more. That is our value proposition; we only ask you to try our pizza once and we can guarantee that you will always end up craving more of our pizza and will soon find yourself making way to our restaurant soon enough.

The Square Pizza & Health Concerns:

Although our square pizza is extremely delicious, we consider ourselves responsible entrepreneurs and we believe that the health and quality of life of the American people is the utmost priority. We will never ask you to cut down on your BK pizza’s consumption, but we will strongly encourage you to regularly exercise. Slight walking, cardio, or other light exercises will help you easily digest and adjust to the cheese-filled deep dish pizza. The longer you live and the healthier our customers are, the more likely are they to return to our outlet to purchase more and more of our pizza. Always remember to keep your lifestyle healthy so that you can openly eat all the square pizza you want; it will no longer be your guilty pressure but rather will be your pride food.


Flavors of the Deep Dish Pizza:

Although you can visit our website to find out the large variety of flavors we are offering for deep dish pizzas but worry not! We will make it convenient for you and list down all the flavors being offered in square pizza. We know that some of us like it plain and simple, while others like it meaty and some of us love the spice (talking about the flavors of the square pizza) and we have all categories of pizza lovers covered.

Grandma Pizza:

Square Cheese Pizza:

deep dish pizzaSquare Supreme Pizza:

deep dish pizza

Square Meet Lover Pizza:

deep dish pizza

Square Pepperoni Pizza:

deep dish pizza

are some of the flavors that we offer in the deep dish pizza and if that is not enough then we still have you covered because we give you the option of making your own custom square pizza. Whether you want veggies, meat, pepperoni, or just cheese; you name it and we will prepare a delicious pizza tailored to your wishes and desires.

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