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meat lover pizza
Deep Dish Pizza with Pepperoni, Bacon, and Sausage
  • Ingredients: Deep Dish pizza with Pepperoni, Bacon and Sausage
  • $12.99
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We have got good news for all you beef lovers out there! BK pizza brings you the best meat lovers’ pizza in entire Brooklyn. Two of the world’s best things come together on our meat lover pizza; tender, juicy slices of meat neatly placed on top of melted and delicious cheese.

Imagine the excitement of the first person who tasted meat and pizza together!! He was the real meat lover out of us all. Let us honor his discovery and feast on our meat lover pizza together with family, friends and colleagues.

Whether it is early morning, afternoon, evening or midnight and you get a craving to search “pizza delivery near me”, just go to wordpressmu-460702-1444394.cloudwaysapps.com and order your very own best meat lovers’ pizza. If you are a true beef lover, then trust us when we tell you that you will be missing out on something too delicious if you don’t try our meat lover pizza; and once you do, you won’t ever be able to stop.

Meat lover pizza is also available in the deep dish; the exclusive thing about it is that it is really fulfilling so if you are actually hungry, then make sure to order the deep dish pizza.