• Ingredients: Large round 14" pizza with special blend of 100% fresh cheese and pepperoni
  • $9.99
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Whoever thought of the idea of putting pepperoni on a pizza was a genius, right? Well, we have manifested that idea in the best possible way, with mouth-watering melted cheese topped with slices of delicious pepperoni, so don’t waste another minute and place your order.

We can guarantee you that as soon as the go in your mouth, you will never, ever again feel the need to go to Google and search best pepperoni pizza near me; all you will have to do is head directly to BK pizza and feast on our delicious pizza pepperoni; and once you eat it, don’t resist the temptation to order it again.

We also offer this pizza in the deep dish square shape; if you want more cheese and more slices of pepperoni with a thicker crust then the deep dish is the pizza choice for you.