Jalapeño Chicken Pizza

jalapeno pizza
Large round 14" pizza with Jalapeño & grilled Chicken
  • Ingredients: Large round 14" pizza with Jalapeño & grilled Chicken
  • $12.99
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While some of us like it beefy, others like to keep it plain and simple and some of us like it spicy; and for this last bunch of people we bring to you our best jalapeno pizza topped with spicy jalapenos and delicious chicken.

For those of you who have a taste for spicy foods, jalapeno pizza is the right pick for you. The moment you take a bite of our jalapeno pizza, you will feel the spices right till the bottom of your spine.

We often dare our friends to eat something spicy like a green pepper just for the chills of it; for a challenge like that our jalapeno pizza is the best pick. If your friend is a jalapeno lover, then challenge him to eat one whole pizza by themselves and if they do, you order another one for them from BKpizza.nyc.

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